Authentication Procedure


It has always been difficult to establish if a piece of memorabilia by Andy Warhol is genuine or not. Here at ANDYWARHOLSPECIALIST.COM EVERY autographed item you purchase is accompanied with our original paperwork to guarantee an item. Jonathan Fabio expert also offer authentication service of Artworks and memorabilia.
Simply email an image of your item to and we will give you our honest professional opinion. Please allow time for us to receive and reply to your email as we do receive many requests for this service every day.
If we deem your item original we can, for a small fee, supply you with a unique, high quality and detailed insurance certificate to accompany your genuine memorabilia / artworks. We can also supply you with a printed version of your certificate with a free serial numbered .
We will process your order upon receipt of full payment. Your fee can be paid easily via our PayPal invoice.
We are open each weekday and process certificates on a daily basis when payments are made. We generally have these turned around within 24-48 hours, slightly longer at holiday times.

How To Order An Online Authentication
Be Smart!

  • Send good, clear picture(s) of autograph(s) to: , Have us authenticate your item online for 150 Euro.If it’s not good you’ve saved a lot of money and aggravation.
  • Go to Products Page and order the number of authentications you need.
  • Make payment using Paypal account. If you want we can send a paypal bill and you can pay with Paypal account.
  • No authentication results can be given until payment is made.
  • We will notify you of authentication result(s). If good, you may then order certificate(s).

Quick YES/NO verification to confirm if we believe it is genuine or not This service is FREE without obligation to take a physical certificate from us.
Digital certificate (PDF file sent via email)50 euro p/item for one signature


Printed on A4 paper and includes a tamper proof individual serial numbered 100 EURO p/ item signature

our services are.

appraisal of the artworks, authenticity and estimate of the works, historical research, auction (if past), provenance, publication of catalogs, exhibitions